22 Sep 2017

NewsWeak Update

Well folks, what a week. In a word: Weak. 

But I’ll put a little meat on those bones for you, because I’ve been watching a lot of CNN so I have it on reliable authority that you are all clearly far too stupid to think for yourselves, or decide the outcome of a presidential election for that matter.

The biggest scoop of the week, no doubt, was Mark Zuckerbergs revelation that, in fact, it had been Facebook all along that had sunk Hillary Clinton's multi-million-media-assault at the presidential campaign. That is to say, rather than that “Russiagate” nothing-burger that CNN would have us believe. But wait, Russia is still involved? Those cads! And to think that while CNN has been waving the Russian flag like a matador in a fight to the death with a raging bullshit, Zuck had all along conspired with Putin to spend, possibly spend, 100K in ads possibly linked to Russia, and somehow sink the Clinton Campaign juggernaut. Masterful. That Putin is one crafty president/spy. I’m just Glad Zuck came clean now and admitted his treasonous collusion before Morgan Freeman releases a video and makes him his bitch with his immeasurably vast and knowledgeable (and perplexingly nuanced) grasp of global geopolitics.

In the background of course there were a few speeches or something at some “U.N.” function.  I think it’s only fitting if I despatch this one succinctly, so strap yourself in:
  • ·         Trump threatened fire, brimstone and genocide against North Korea, y’know, similar MO to every other U.S. Pres except he ACTUALLY ADMITS these things. A Fresh Twist.
  • ·         Bibi rambled on about Iran as usual
  • ·         Russia sneakily introduced the underhanded tactic of diplomacy to resolve global conflicts, I don’t know they get away with these things.
  • ·         And shit…

Bookies highlight: At odds of 32/1 Macron supported the Iran nuclear deal, this guy likes to keep us guessing, no?

Hillary Clinton added 72 new names to her list of who to blame for losing an erection or something, but it would appear she got some consolation for her Golden Globalist nomination of the defining performance of the Wicked Witch Of The West, in the “It was my Turn” category, beating out Bernie Sanders for the second time since the DNC,…. And then added him to the list instead of apologising to him for stealing the election from him (the move that surely clinched it for her).
In other news, I cut myself shaving.  I #BlamePutin of course, and Global Warming.
Elsewhere: Racists caused earthquakes, Muslims are to blame, Bankers warn us that Bitcoin is not real currency and Golberg Sachs the Titanic.

Stay tuned next week, I’ll be sure to keep telling you what to “think”.

28 Aug 2017

You Don't Know What Capitalism Is So Stop Using The Word!

I am writing this for one purpose, to be able to post it every time the issue comes up in conversation to prevent myself from dying of boredom on a few key issues with label intellectuals, you know, the sort who drop labels for the singular purpose of demonstrating their talent at dodging real issues by posing as someone who knows the definition of a word.

When it comes right down to it, I personally think most systems in the capitalism/socialism spectrum could work if corruption could be controlled.  That being said, I am fairly sure that communism does not work especially well and tends to kill the inventiveness and passion of the human spirit.I even consider Libertarianism (arguably the purest form of Capitalism) a hop, skip and a jump away from Anarchy, which is (almost) fine by me. Welfare socialism suits me too, it worked well in the past and you can be ding dong sure that PRIVATISING is what messed it up, not immigration. I don't really care, I've heard incredibly sound and convincing cases made for the entire range of hybrid socio-capitalist societies. It's corruption that really makes or breaks it.

Capitalism? Great idea, we should try it sometime. Our croney Capitalism semi socialist systems at the west have shown beyond reasonable doubt that that scaling back socialist style state funded education, policing, healthcare etc to private companies has correlated to economic decline. Bailing out rich banks after 2008 to a projected future total of 20 Trillion dollars means that 99% of welfare now goes from poor taxpayers to rich banks, the same rich banksters who claim the sick and old on welfare "want something for nothing". Well I have news for them, the concept of welfare was born from a society who judged how civilized it was by how it cared for its sick and old, not how it takes care of its rich bankster CEO's.

And what of our precious Central Banks?  Our Centralised, COMMUNIST modelled centrally planned economic command, who now considers PRICE STABILITY more important than prosperity, who counterfeit at will and front-load wall street in a way that makes it appear at times that perhaps its actually blowing bubbles that is in fact their core philosophy.  All this in a society where banks no longer fail in a free market, as they should in a capitalist society, but remain on life support courtesy Joe Taxpayer.  Voters may elect their president, but thats only every few years, ONCE. Large multinationals lobby politicians for every bill passed in the US dozens of times a year. There is a word for that too, fascism.

The most influential 3 Central Banks in the Western world are surely the Fed, the ECB and the Bank of Japan, who now seem to be more interested in owning stocks and printing money than doing any banking. Well I have news for you, that is just shareholders dividends away from COMMUNISM.

What is my point? My point is lets discuss each issue on its merits. The fact that everytime one of these issues is up for discussion a liberal snowflake who poses as an ideology intellectual will try and match it to its social engineering ideology label. Well I don't know about you, but that does not impress me very much.

29 Mar 2017

An Unauthorized Biography Of David Rockerfellor

Another excellent open source documentary by the Corbett Report. If you don't know of the site yet you can find the link in my "recommended sites" section.

17 Dec 2016


US Intelligence Services finally release the smoking gun...

5 Dec 2016

Refugees: An Important Part Of The Globalist Agenda Which Backfired.

Thousands Of  Refugees Flee Syria
The Refugee crises was a mere trickle after the illegal invasion of Iraq by the U.S. but it turned into a full blown crises with globalist intervention in Libya and Syria. The situation in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and elsewhere does not help matters.  The one thing all of this has in common is that the crises is initiated when Western imperialist nations, run by the globalist puppet politicians, overthrow governments not deemed desirable to their interests and trash the sovereign nation in the process (if they are not able to place a puppet regime into power). Their corporations then win multi-billion dollar contracts to rebuild the nation funded by the World Bank or IMF, but the money never actually goes to the people, it goes to the Western corporations.

Syrian Refugees On Their Long Trek

The refugee crises that follows is not simply unplanned, it is deliberate. The OPEC and Gulf Monarchy states in the East never get any pressure to assist their Arab brothers and the refugee camps they set up remain largely empty and are mainly for show.  The refugees were always meant for Europe as part of the Divide & Conquer/Divide & Rule method which is standard for the globalists.  This ruling elite will always push to dissolve national boundaries, form national or currency unions, trade agreements, Visa free travel etc.  This time around they missed the nationalist knee-jerk reaction it would have. They missed it big time.  They have been up to all sorts of mischief with their NGO's and Foundations to get refugees through to Europe (where they hope they will work for peanuts, another thing that has not endeared them to locals). See this link for info:

Anyone who thinks the refugees have an option not to flee, simply have to watch this footage below taken by drone, which show the total devastation in Homs, Syria.

Russia on the other hand, after the Western coup in the Ukraine, has tried to clean up the globalist mess and relieve suffering by taking over a million Ukrainian refugees with almost no appreciation of their efforts in Western media.  This link by The Guardian (surprisingly) covers the issue, but with it's usual slant designed to avoid giving Russia any credit.

The Refugee issue, more than anything else (in Europe at least) has kick started the global rebellion against the establishment and is another striking example of the irony that has been a prominent them making headlines in 2016.

Turkey Is Known To Use It's Geographical Position As Leverage In Controlling The Migrant Flow To Europe. Some Call It Blackmail.

4 Dec 2016


They are dropping like flies aren't they? In the wake of the biggest Western political establishment collective fails in living memory (BrExit and Trumps US Presidential Election Victory) the legacy of the globalist warmongers has been tossed into the trash heap of history. All the main players staked their reputation on their formula (painting their next conquest as a brutal dictator and seeking to overthrow their government) and almost all of them have fallen as society attempts to clean house and get rid of the layers of dirt and grime that have built up in the top levels of political power.

It strikes me how badly these so-called-leaders have misread the situation at home while weighing in on the domestic affairs of other nations.  The disconnect is staggering and incompetence is too kind a word for such aggressive mischief making posing as ignorance. It's also staggering how they could have bought into the nonsense they ascertain, it's almost a certainty that they don't care about the truth when pushing their imperialist agendas.

Cameron, Clinton, Obama, Hollande, Merkel, various leaders from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan and others are all gone or facing the end of their political careers or terms while the man they all underestimated has risen from the brink of defeat and (with the help of Russia) turned the tide of foreign funded terrorist insurgents posing as rebels fighting a civil war and is about to win a decisive victory in Aleppo.  This is the endgame for the internationals meddling in the domestic affairs of Syria.  All the instigators in foreign lands have instead disappeared in one of the sweetest victories in living memory for the lovers of irony & justice.


26 Nov 2016

Fake News Clamps Down On Fake News

After losing its grip on its ability to manipulate the public on BrExit and the US elections, the largest fake news industry in the world, the mainstream media, is calling for a clampdown on rival fake news. The irony is in your face, just like the proverbial egg is on the face of CNN, Bloomberg, Sky, Al Jazeera, The BBC and all the other usual suspects. The message is clear: Only our fake news is acceptable.

What is “fake news”?
This is the big question, because there is plenty of fake news out there, most of which is “Click-bait” designed to lure us into clicking onto platforms who want to maximize ad exposure and advertising revenues, but this is not actually a new problem and we can usually work out which are spam sites by looking at the other content on the sites. If the stories are packed with tales of alien abductions and zombies we can work it out fairly easily and we quickly learn to avoid these sites. We are not complete idiots (hopefully).

What else can be considered fake news?
This is more worrying because once major MSM sites like Google and Facebook start considering alternative news sites (see the right hand column of this blog for example) that carry a narrative different (or more truthful) than their own spin and propaganda, even if it is rival propaganda, we run into dangers of censorship. Censorship can take our ability to make up our own minds away from us and channel only one perspective into the public domain. This amounts to nothing less than mind-policing and places the Orwellian “Thought-Police” scenario squarely on the horizon. It's insulting and suspect behavior and ridiculous to assert that we are voting incorrectly because the MSM are losing the information wars. The real reason they are losing is precisely because people ARE making up their own minds and this is dangerous to the establishment.

I find it difficult to accept that this is not an attempt to squash the alternative news movement, which depends on the free availability of information and gives discretion to the end users to act like free thinking adults and make up their own minds. Over time we learn which sources are reputable and which are not, and I am absolutely sure that I do not want institutions that I already do not trust deciding what I should see and what I should not see. As it stands I already find the algorithms annoying and as far as I'm concerned the less filtering, profiling and censorship, the better we are for it.

31 Oct 2016

Mass African Exodus From The ICC A Massive Blow To Imperialism

The International Criminal Court, while ignoring the offenses of States such as Israel, has long been used to steer the influence carried out in Africa by imperialistic, bankster driven interests in the name of “justice” and lend legal legitimacy to their imperialistic goals. This so called justice follows the same lines of “justice” used to undermine national sovereignty in Ukraine, Syria, etc. Whether it is the direct influence of military interventions such as Iraq & Libya, armed and funded insurgency such as Syria, or more “soft power” influence of NGO's, Councils and Foundations such as in Ukraine, Egypt & Syria again, the ends always justify the means for those seeking hegemony and extending the uni-polar world which is so far quite firmly under the control of the powerful globalist cabal. That cabal features overlapping hands in the banking, military, food, media and military industries along with their lobbied stooges of the political establishment.

In Africa we see that Gambia, South Africa and Burundi have each already recognized this clear and present danger and signaled their intent to leave the ICC, with Kenya & Sudan set to follow suite. It is heartening to see resistance coming from the African continent who are increasingly becoming aware that there is a battle on for global influence and that they cannot remain neutral without the danger of becoming pawns in the way the nations of the Middle East have already fallen victims to. The reality is that if Africa wants to realize it's dream of an African Renaissance it will have to recognize this battle and align itself in a way that is more discerning. I feel that this is what is happening. With the overthrow of Libya and the CIA arming and funding Islamist terror groups all over Africa in a similar way it does in the Middle East, and building of a new drone base in Africa by the US, there is a renewed push by US to extend its influence in Africa and it is only set to increase as the declining West loses global influence. It is failing for the first time in the Middle East thanks to Russian involvement in Syria & strained relations with Turkey, and failing in the far East as China finds nations such the Philippines eager to cooperate for mutual benefit. The latter is terrible news for the US when one considers the impending stand-off in the South China Sea conflict.

If you want to know just how pathetic the understanding of global developments is in South Africa, consider this article from a so called progressive site like the Daily Maverick, which is typical of the line towed by ill-informed SA media:

It will be very interesting to follow such developments in the future. Local media will always defend Western institutions, so it is always important to bear the bigger picture in mind and frame each story in the proper context unless you keen to flirt with danger of becoming just another pathetic media sheep, just another good dog barking for his biscuit.

18 Oct 2016

The Battle For Mosul Is Cover To Shift US Military Asset, ISIS, From Iraq To Syria

Strategic Map Courtesy SouthFront
If you have been following this blog you may be familiar with a post I wrote early this year describing in great deal in the second half of the post how ISIS in Iraq is principally theater.  It's a show set up to protect the black market oil trade and service the needs of the key US partners at the time, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey.  It explains how the US and it's allies, the Peshmerga, are protecting rather than fighting ISIS.  If you want the lowdown on the situation in Mosul, Erbil, Raqqa and other key strategic area's I highly recommend reading it now.

Here is the Link:

In the last few days while Western media ignores US funded terrorists shelling civilians in Western Aleppo, it's been kicking up a tremendous fuss and blaming Russia and Assad for anything that goes down in Eastern Aleppo.  This is principally because the US, after designing a plan post 9/11 to overthrow 7 countries, they have been thwarted in Syria for the first time while Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen lay in ruin.  The US will absolutely not back down from their "Assad must Go" goal, and fighting ISIS,Al Qaeda and Al Nusra (who they arm, fund and guide with intel) was from the beginning a cover in Syria, just as it is in Iraq. So suddenly the US decides to get it's puppets to move on Mosul, a city "taken by ISIS" (wink wink) in 2014.

This is all the more spiteful when one considers how embarrassed and defeated the US has been in  Aleppo, it's already a done deal:

Regional Map

This is no coincidence, and the plan to take Mosul is highly mischievous.  ISIS commanders who are US and Israeli intelligence assets have already been flown out and the battle plan is to approach Mosul from 3 fronts, leaving one front open to drive the foot-soldiers of ISIS (who don't know they are US pawns) can be pushed into Syria to wreak havoc on civilians and, vindictively, to give Assad and Putin as many headaches as possible.

The US leaves a Front is left open to move it's terrorist assets into Syria 
Reports are already surfacing from reliable sources that the US is not attacking fleeing terrorists.

This is as predictable as it is sickening, and next time you tune into CNN's wall-to-wall coverage bear in mind how they continue to play with your mind, which they have little regard for.

Question Less?

RT's questions are clearly getting under somebody's skin
In a massive blow to free speech in the UK & 24 Hours after US Secretary of State, John Kerry, met with British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson  to discuss the situation in Syria, television station RT (Channel 407 in SA) received a letter from Natwest Bank to inform them that their bank account had been closed.  Natwest is a 73% state owned bank and their letter gives no reason and simply states that the decision is final and that the matter is not up for discussion.  This issue is much bigger than one broadcaster because the issue of free speech in general is addressed, as well as whether other institutions beyond broadcasting authorities are involved in enforcing censorship of non-establishment agenda's. This is very curious and of course the timing  is very interesting, but is this a surprise?

No, of course not.

RT has been a massive spanner in the works for the establishment media and a key instrument in putting an alternative perspective into the public domain to break the war-machine’s propaganda instrument for selling the idea of war to a war-weary public.  RT has made it their mission to give the Russian perspective in Syria and other regime change hotpots and in doing so has undermined the rationale that a forced regime change via military means is a reasonable path to take.  I would take this a step further and propose that RT has introduced the element of debate itself into the public realm and this is very, very bad for the establishment because the more questions that are asked, the more likely lies are to be uncovered. To “Question More” is a terrible idea for the political and banking class because they do not want the average Joe running about asking all sorts of annoying “questions” about how their tax money is being spent.

Image Courtesy RT

I guess congratulations are in order, well done RT, this is yet another sign that your disruption in the media marketplace is worthy of intervention from above and a testament to your success.  Please, for all of our sake keep up the good work, this is a battle that transcends your station and Natwest Bank and gets to the heart of the very notion of free speech in Western society as a whole.

13 Oct 2016

State Capture VS State Capture

The Latest Capture by the Gupta's is a fart in the wind against the banksters

Amid all the talk lately in the SA media about the Gupta's and State Capture (all valid mind you) it's sometimes easy to forget that the Gupta's are rank amateurs in the art, we are already in the midst of a state capture going back more than a century.  A State Capture happened in South Africa, just as it happened in the US and elsewhere, when the nations central banks were made unaccountable to voters.  This meant that no matter which party rules, whoever is elected, the central banks cannot be voted in or out and they will remain in power lending to the nation state at interest for no other reason other than the mandate they have to print the nations money supply.  They will always work with a finance minister who bank-affiliated  and compliant National Treasury. The nation will therefore always remain at fiscal deficits and known bankster agencies such as Moody's will always make lending even more expensive on each downgrade ,earning ever more interest for the banksters printing that same money out of thin air (in the form of Treasury Bonds guaranteed by taxation placing the nations children on the hook as debt surety). They then simply "lend" that currency (not money - this is important) simply and lending to the state. the risk is moot since they create the money from nothing there is essentially no risk to think of.

The commercial banks issue the balance of the nations currency from debt issued to consumers, out of thin air, and charge interest on that too as if it were loaned out from a capital or assets account, which it is not.  Real money is not Fiat currency debt created out of thin air, real money (like gold and silver) is a store of value and can only be loaned out from real reserves, justifying interest for risk.  This could become as much a Banks VS Gupta's issue as with either of them VS the State and the people.

Money VS Currency




The banksters will always have (de facto) agents just like Pravin Gordhan who own shares in the banks and have a conflict of interest between the banks and the nation, they have since Trevor Manual and before.


This is for certain no reason to resist the State Capture the Gupta's are engaged in currently, it's simply a call to remember that for every cent the Gupta's steal, the bankers steal a Rand. The Nations national debt payments mostly go to servicing debt,at interest, lending from private bankers that create money from nothing, something the state could just as easily do for itself interest free, this is why we cannot afford movements like #FeesMustFall, something the ANC promised voters more than a decade ago!


So next time we get up in arms about the Gupta's, keep at it, it's great we are finally learning, but ask yourself why you suddenly care?

Watch This!

The above clip from Mike Maloney, episode four in his excellent "Hidden Secrets Money" series (Watch them all!) puts in a better way than I have yet seen it explained, it's essential viewing.

26 Sep 2016

The Wizard Of Oz

The Symbolism in this classic story is rich, and the issue that are dealt with are arguably very much in line with the monetary policy issues we have today, those issues were the genesis of our issues (although gold has come full circle) Read More here:
In 1964 Historian Henry Littlefield outlined an allegory in the book of the late 19th Century debate regarding monetary policy with the "Yellow Brick Road" representing the gold standard and the silver slippers (Ruby in the 1939 film version) representing the silver standard. Read more at the link above.

The Yellow Brick Road: The Gold Standard
The Silver (Later Ruby) Slippers: The Silver Standard
Dorothy: Every-man
The Wicked Witch of the West and East: Capitalism and Communism
The Tin Man: American Industry
The Scarecrow: American Farmers
The Cowardly Lion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Jennings_Bryan
Oz: The West
The Wizard: The Bankers
The Winged Monkeys imprisoned by the witch: The Local American Indigenous people.

23 Sep 2016

The Anglo American Zionist Banker Empire. Colonialism Becomes Globalisation

Part 1: By Shawn Erwin: https://www.facebook.com/shawn.irwin4?fref=nf

World War II ended 71 years ago. Since World War II, the USA has killed more than 20 million people, that averages out to roughly 282,000 per year, 23,474 per month, or 782 per day. That eclipses any massacres that have occurred on US soil by a very wide margin. The USA has been at war about 93% of the time since 1776! The USA:
interfered in Iraq - there is a war there now.
interfered in Syria - there is a war there now.
interfered in Libya - there is a war there now.
interfered in Yemen - there is a war there now.
interfered in Ukraine - there is a war there now.
interfered in Somalia - there is a war there now.
interfered in Afghanistan - there is a war there now.
Covert United States involvement in regime change
1949 Syrian coup d'état
1949-1953 Albania
1951-56 Tibet
1953 Iranian coup d'état
1954 Guatemalan coup d'état
1956-57 Syria crisis
1960 Congo coup d'état
1961 Cuba, Bay of Pigs Invasion
1963 South Vietnamese coup d'état
1964 Bolivian coup d'état
1964 Brazilian coup d'état
1966 Ghana coup d'état
1971 Bolivian coup d'état
1973 Chilean coup d'état
1980 Turkish coup d'état
1979-89 Afghanistan, Operation Cyclone
1981-87 Nicaragua, Contras
2011 Libyan civil war
2011-present Syria We like covert actions that stir shit in order to justify military force.
No pattern of behavior here at all, right? Washington is full of war criminals, they been destabilizing the world. This government has participated in more wars than all other countries combine.

The sun sets on the British Empire but not on the Bankster Empire

Part 2) The Patterns of behavior go further back than we think. What Shawn's summary above does is put into perspective the true cause and effect scenario with US interventionism.  With this in mind it quickly becomes clear that there is no interest in "Freedom & Democracy" here, only in removing regimes not friendly to US interests and propping up puppet regimes and Tin-Pot dictators to carry out US bidding.  But we have seen this before, have we not? Where else did we see massive Empire building on a global scale that was done in the name of something else?

The British Empire. They called it "Colonialism" to stir support at home for national pride when in fact the same banksters that are behind the US regime, Corporations and Israel were once behind colonialism.  It was also for the large corporations of the day and was backed by the same bankers and later became known as "Rothschild Zionism" IE Greedy globalization under corporate control parading as colonialism or Zionism of some sort.

The Rothschilds famously scooped the Crown in spot of insider trading when their courier mislead the British establishment into believing that Napoleon had won at Waterloo:

When the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo was won by the British, Rothworth took off for the Channel and was able to deliver this news to Nathan Mayer Rothschild, a full 24 hours before Wellington's own courier.
At that time British bonds were called consuls and they were traded on the floor of the stock exchange. Nathan Mayer Rothschild instructed all his workers on the floor to start selling consuls. The made all the other traders believe that the British had lost the war so they started selling frantically.
Therefore the consuls plummeted in value which was when Nathan Mayer Rothschild discreetly instructed his workers to purchase all the consuls they could lay their hands on.
When news came through that the British had actually won the war, the consuls went up to a level even higher than before the war ended leaving Nathan Mayer Rothschild with a return of approximately 20 to 1 on his investment.
This gave the Rothschild family complete control of the British economy, now the financial centre of the world following Napolean's defeat, and forced England to set up a new Bank of England, which Nathan Mayer Rothschild controlled
More here:

In 1913 the Banksters met on Jeckyl Island and began talks to Establish a Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve in the United States, paved the way for the the IRS and to hurry along the Income tax act that been struggling to get passed in congress for a number of years. Before then there was no income tax but it would be needed to fund the war machine and to tis day the figure collected by the US income tax approximates the war budget of the US.

The Federal Reserve act was passed by congress in 1913 as was the income tax act, and World War 1 started in 1914.  The US would be changed from the non-interventionist nation the founding fathers created to a nation of Empire to serve as a tax funded war machine for the bankers and captains of industry.
the sun may have set on the British Empire, but the sun oly set on the cover, the Corporate Zionist Warmongering Empire continues after discarding it used-up husk, it's a live and well as GLOBALIZATION and it's about to discard it's current host, the US.

Which host will this parasite next infect?

If you have not seen "Freedom to Fascism" by Aaron Russo, who also produced the banker/trader themed "trading Places" with Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd in the 80's, then here it is below, it's a must see.

19 Sep 2016

They Went Too Far

Trillions spent on military intel produce mistake after mistake

The recent airstrikes the US (and the "Coalition Of The Killing") made against the Syrian army are indefensible. They have gone too far because nobody believes this could possibly be another mistake by those who posses the worlds best military intelligence. Another mistake that supports ISIS and other terrorists, another mistake that supports the mantra "Assad must go", their one true goal.

They have gone to far because even the MSM is struggling to do damage control over this one, and with recent polls showing the declining public trust in the MSM (especially after the US election coverage) they seem just a tad less eager to lie to quite the same extent:

Regular readers of this blog will be used to seemingly outrageous claims I make being vindicated after the passage of time, from Libya to the Ukraine Coup, and now regarding ISIS.  I have long been providing in depth insight into exactly how the Western/Gulf Coalition backs, arms and funds not just terrorist rebel groups, but ISIS as well.  If you take the time to read right to the end of this previous post of mine you will have your "Ahaa" moment.

And now the media and the diplomats on the Russian side (who have all along known the truth but waited for an obvious act such as yesterdays)  are becoming a little less afraid of saying what I have been saying all along: Washington is behind ISIS. They formed them and they support them.

This position is supported by SouthFront, the premier source of military and strategic intel analysis:

Regarding the pro-Western media, I eagerly await their deconstruction of events to see how they deal with this hot potato.

Regarding the pro-Moscow, the below is an episode of Crosstalk.  It is the flagship program of RT International which packages the Russian case very well in a Western friendly format.  In the past it already had a viewpoint that is critical of US action but has always stopped short of going that one step further, of accusing Washington of deliberate action instead of constant errors.  This episode represents to me what a critical milestone we have just reached because of a subtle change in perspective of a few very important angles raised (more in the first half of the show)

  • They finally seriously entertain the possibility that Washington is behind Daesh/ISIS but then pull back.
  • They realize that Rothschild/Israel Schill, Ashton Carter of the Pentagon, runs military action and, in fact, Obama and Kerry have no real power.
  • They accept that there will be no change of policy and that no negotiating is possible with Washington, which more than anything else is irreparably fragmented.

This all goes to demonstrate my case, which follows from the title of this post.  The Anglo American Zionist Globalists are desperate, they have gone too far, their actions have become too difficult to defend (even at times for MSM).  In Addition the globalized central bank ponzi scheme that funds the war effort is coming apart at the seams and political disunity characterizes the West both in Europe and the US.  It follows logically that their action will become more provocative.  Now is the time to keep your ear to the ground, shit is getting real.

15 Sep 2016

How The South African Reserve Bank Steals From Your Children & Grandchildren

SARB Steals more than the ANC could ever hope to
This article is about how the SARB steals prosperity from us and our children, and transfers wealth from the common people, the taxpayers, to the global fat-cat elites (of which the ANC only get nickles & dimes and are far down the chain) but in essence this method is used in all countries because the central bankers have control over the whole global currency system and use similar methods everywhere.

Before reading this I suggest checking out my earlier articles on the SARB and money creation:

Governments can never repay the national debt, this is by design, and must always pay for civil and other services by DEFICIT SPENDING (meaning borrowing the money from private banks like the SARB)  If the government could simply issue it's own currency, there would be no national debt, but because we (or our government on our behalf) borrows from private banksters, a NATIONAL DEBT is created and the majority of all our tax we pay every month goes to servicing this national debt and paying the banksters.  Lets be clear on that, our tax pays the banks. Because money is borrowed at interest there is never enough to service the debt and money must always be borrowed for this purpose. This is done by issuing treasury bonds sold to the "Primary Dealers" (International bankster cabal like the usual suspect Rothschilds & Rockerfellers as well as JP Morgan Deutsche Bank, Investec & Citi) as well as SA's big four banks who are also owned in part by the banksters who own the SARB by a similar system of shareholder arrangements that evolved over time by mergers and acquisitions.

The Bonds are auctioned off every second Friday in South Africa:

And there are a few scant reports in the media about certain aspects of this corruption, but poor understanding of a public primed to focus on other issues by the media means no real interest in the most important issue facing all of us everyday, the hidden theft of most of our money.

These primary dealers make a "Secondary Market" (IE make further profit off us by privileged of mandate of first creating money with interest to turn us into debt slaves servicing our national debt with tax, then selling the bonds at profit in a secondary market.

Once this happens the bonds insure all debt by the future taxation of a nations children to service the interest for the international banksters. That's why Government Bonds are such secure investments, they are guaranteed by taxation of the public. We are the surety, our blood sweat and tears insure their profit.  Because of technology, the inflation (hidden taxation and savings destroyer) that is eroding our standard of living, compensates for the productivity deficit that builds, but one salary is no longer enough and soon we will have to co-habitat because we will not be able to have families afford their own homes as money loses it's purchasing power.

This will never stop until WE TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY like adults and jail these criminals instead of voting them into office as our leaders and bankers.

This would all stop if we had real money, a store of VALUE instead of fiat currency which is created from DEBT.  Fiat currency and Keynesian chicanery is how the banksters pull the wool over our eyes and my next article will explain why REAL MONEY will put a stop to this nonsense.