23 Mar 2018


The subtle attempt by MSM and asshole pseudo-whistleblower Christopher Wylie to deflect the Cambridge Analitica from being about Facebook and their ilk, to make it a Partisan issue is disingenuous.

Here is a list of the propaganda

Rather explore the themes this way:

Here is the real story

Documentary: A glitch in the matrix

David Fullers  'watershed moment'  documentary on Jordan Peterson,  the shifting Zeitgeist, Political Correctness &  mainstream media.

Privacies we've already lost but just don't know about yet

Although people like to talk about ‘just’ metadata, metadata is extraordinarily intrusive. As an analyst, I’d prefer to be looking at metadata rather than content because it’s quicker and it’s easier and it doesn’t lie.”
Edward Snowden
5 Privacies you didn't know you lost, Interesting video from The Corbett Report that manages this serious issue in his usual entertaining fashion. 

22 Mar 2018

Fake News, Fake Wars, Fake Money, Fake Reality TV, Fake food, Fake Causes, Fake Celebrity & Fake Democracy. .

Liberal Snowflakes live in a world where all that ever drives anything is Climate Change,  Sexism,  Racism and various other PC issues where the way we solve issues is not uncovering their causes,  it's focusing on the window dressing and expanding upon the list of what the wrong offensive words are.  This is the manufactured consent generation with no real understanding of the world and such a strident lack of nuance and ability to explore the real underlying root causes of issues  that we are seeing a new phenomenon emerge.  The cause driven psychotic episode.

This psychological crises appears to stem from being in a state of conflict about strongly held beliefs clashing with clear evidence,  producing detachment from reality because,  just like with religion,   when your identity is tied into your beliefs,  and your beliefs are threatened,  the person you believe you are is threatened,  producing either crises or delusion.  Delusion is how our mind protects us against crises.

Let's look at a few issues of 'Snowflake Meltdown'

The title picture of the Syrian revolution being linked to climate change.  
This is perverse.  We know neither climate or the propaganda alleging government abuse drives the exodus. A complex story of human tragedy,  of a people pulling together under tremendous odds attacked by powerful external  forces,  being cheapened to a snowflake issue.

Here is the reality behind the refugees issue in Syria,  very few of whom are farmers .  Don't let them cheapen it.
Drive around Ghouta with President Bashar Al Assad and see destruction.  Or below get an aerial view of Homs by drone footage (courtesy AFP News Agency and RT) to utter see utter devastation.

Climate Change is sexism,  Hillary Clinton :
I don't even know where to start:

Text link:

Stop using the word 'Man'  (Courtesy Fox News)  disingenuous balancing act between satire and the down right infuriating and entirely focally misplaced movement to crush 'gender bias'.  There surely is a better way to campaign for gender equality?

But more insidious is what's happening in Delaware where primarily schools can override parents with children's gender Identity or race and keep it secret from parents.

The BBC does not believe they should be holding power to account stopping their government selling arms to let the Saudis Butcher the Yemeni people,  but rather they have their finger on the pulse of the nation. MANSPLAINING., MANTERUPTING The real issues are given a shot in the arm with new vocabulary.  Clip courtesy BBC.  The BBC tries to strike an awkward balance with humour,  but fails as things always do when there is serious  contention proposed.

If you ask me,  this is yet more divide and conquer rhetoric,  only now the damage on the mental health of the Western society is being turned into some kind of perverse Borat satire.

But for all the Liberal Snowflakes out there,  don't fear,  can get yourself an experts Political Analysis Set for under $15.00

21 Mar 2018

An unexpected victory against fluoride in drinking water is currently unfolding in the U. S.

Wow,  this really is unexpected.  Let's hope this is the start of a new trend.
Clip courtesy The Corbett Report. Follow the issue and support

Looking for Jews under every rock

Disney and the 3 little Kosher Pigs

The idea of monolithic conspiracy where one entire group is working in unison to undermine and subvert the entire world falls short in intellectual fortitude.  Confirmation bias may have its place in detective work but when every inquiry is mounted around your innate prejudice it is nothing more than lazy and biggotted.

Nobody can accuse me of softball treatment of Israel or Zionism,  if you have then you haven't read anything I've written.  I'm well aware of religious fundamentalist thinking and it always lets down humankind.  I think the way 'Divide & Conquer'  works can just as easily be turned around with anti-semitism serving the elites rather than the prevailing thinking of an exclusively Jewish New World Order.  It's naive to the point of stupidity to think ideology makes the world go round.  That's the conspiracy thinking that betrays the peasant minded activist trapped in identity politics.  My mission is to get WE THE PEASANTS (of all persuasions)  thinking like elites.  To do that we must accept that in fact,  it's money that drives power and ambition at those levels.  Ideology tribalism is the domain of the serf,  as they believe.  I agree with them so far,  but we are changing that.

This short 2 minute cartoon beautifully outlines how dynamics can outcomes of collective consequences by many aligned factions,  not everything nefarious in meticulously planned.

So what is NWO really?  I suggest open your mind to find out. James Corbett already had a sense of this back in 2013

I draw important distinction between Zionism and Judaism,  wahabbism and Shia,  Catholic and Secular etc.  I'm also well aware of the agendas and reach of AIPAC and other subversive entities.  But I've got news for you.  It's not that simple.  Even if Israelis are politically mislead,  or biggotted,  or for that matter Americans in general about foreign policy,  it's a massive failing to not engage Jews,  Neocons,  Americans and Westerners about world affairs.  Some of best informed anti establishment thinkers and activists are Jews or even Israelis.  I'll put it to you that many of your alternatives media activist heroes are of Jewish backgrounds.  Do you really think they are all 'in on it'?

Give me a break.  People are emergent,  diverse and capable of engaging if properly approached.  It must be very difficult for a Jew to call out their Jewish heritage at times when Jewish special interests impose questionable agendas just like it has been for Americans to call BS on their foreign policy agenda,  but they do it.  I propose that the most important allies against Zionism are Jews,  and the most important allies against American Imperialism are US taxpayers.  Alienate them at your own peril.


More Alternatives to group think and consensus reality

Don't fall for the red herring that the Cambridge Analytica scandal is about that group,  THIS IS ABOUT FACEBOOK!  In fact,  let's be serious here,  this is a broader issue  than that actually,  but that's not the point of this post.

If you really want to get to the heart of it Dean Henderson does a better job of deconstructing it than I do on his blog:

At the foundation it can be broken down into two main categories.  1) Search Engines and 2) Social Media.

I've already dealt with search engines,  be sure to read that post before reading this.  Here it is:

Regarding social media,  here are two perspectives :


Make no mistake,  this is not about Trump,  or the Dems or any trivial partisan issues the presstitute echoe chamber will no doubt cough up,  this is much more fundamental and serves as nothing more than a reminder that there is algorithmic prejudice,  leaking (for both commercial and intelligence marshaling)  along with a general attitude of profiling and reality manipulatation that has psychological,  geopolitical and otherwise generally Orwellian unease associated with it.

Rather than getting bogged down in it I'll focus on Alternatives that don't serve this sort of ethos as obediently,  as I did with part 1) above regarding search engines.

Alternatives to social media sites like Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube and the like. 

STEEMIT.  This is the gold standard,  a blockchain solution!

Bitchute is a torrent based platform  and all within your browser which is very valuable for those who see this as a viable solution :

Minds is considered a solid option because it's encrypted,  open source,  community owned and places a lot of value on free speech,  which is one of the most contentious aspects of all of this.  There is a caution with minds,  I've been told there are issues but since I've not tried it I'll let you decide.

D tube. 
Any crypto-decentralized streaming platform gets my vote.  Comes recommended.

For those of you disillusioned or suspicious of Western social media? Are you the sort of person who doesn't #BlamePutin every time you get a flat tyre?  VK was originally a Russian platform now gaining massive popularity worldwide.

As usual if you have suggestions or cautions,  I'm only too happy to hear them,  see the contact details for me in the non-mobile web version of this blog.

20 Mar 2018

Global Warming finally goes on trial!

We can no longer,  in good conscience,  keep defending models we know are not only false,  but purposefully fraudulent.  There is a difference between an error and a crime. 

I recently did a broadly cast takedown of the whole phenomenon where I debunk the science,  the politics,  the business,  media and link all these elements together historically  in a way that should finally make sense to the casual reader.  At least this was my aim. I STRONGLY ADVISE FIRST READING THIS:

The full article,  which gives great detail about the technical take down of these models,  can be found here:

If you want to know more about the Rowan Atkinsonesque Lord Monitor (in appearance only)  Christopher Walter Monckton, the third Viscount Monckton of Brenchely, is a former British politician affiliated with the UK Independence Party.
Here is his blog: 

18 Mar 2018

Scientific Consensus is that Consensus is overturned 100% of the time

Everything you know is wrong. There is a very good reason why science succeeds more than politics.  It's not a vote,  it's a method.  Anyone who has read this blog knows I'm a lifelong science junkie  as well as someone who spends thousands of hours breaking down the the political and economic agendas behind the special interest groups that guide public policy.  In many ways I'm actually uniquely qualified to tie these angles together in ways not well understood by the overwhelming majority of people.  That includes scientists who are notoriously naive in the political and economic forces that drive the human world.

First and foremost,  what is the so called 'consensus'.  You will be horrified to find out,  it's not specifically that global warming is man made.  It's simply that humans contribute to climate change in an unknowable way and to an uncertain extent!  Here a former member of the consensus turns whistle blower.

If you're already surprised hang in there  because it gets far,  Far worse!
But first let's take a step back for a moment.  Before modern consent manufacturing, consensus was manufactured by the church (the establishment of its time) and anyone who went against gods word was a heretic, aka a 'Denier' in the absolute settled truth (in those days God's word) and the settled science back then was that the sun revolved around the earth. Galileo and others who chose to challenge the status quo. were subject to public scorn and even criminal charges.
But we've come a long way right?

Actually not a single thing in essence has changed, apart from the window  dressing.

Between the 50's and 70's there was an overwhelming leaning towards the view the earth was cooling,  that in itself was something approaching a consensus.

Settled science?  Not even Newtonian Gravity,  Biochemistry,  Quantum Physics are 'Settled Science'  That smacks of political speak.  Do you really think the fledgling science of combining earth's history,  oceans,  atmosphere,  poles,  ice,  geological landscape,  sun,  and Cosmic factors from deep space all together is SETTLED??!!  Give me a break!

In the 70's we moved on and began making bold claims in a variety of well meaning directions

And lets face it, the inconvenient truth is that things have not really gotten any better with catastrophic feedback loop by 2005, melting poles and catastrophic sea level rise coming from scientists and celebrities alike after they land at their beach front properties in their private jet.  No names mentioned Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio!

But how can this be?  Isn't all the big oil money behind the propaganda and government funding behind good science,  especially spending tax dollars?  I spend my life attacking big banks and big oil because of the geopolitics of globalization and I can tell you for sure,  NO,  THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS.  Government typically will cater for special interests,  cut Healthcare,  schooling and social services and evidence clearly shows they overwhelmingly increase MILITARY spending and don't bail out the people who lose everything in a crises,  they bail out out only the Big Banks.  Here are the precise figures:

The reality that mainstream media presents to us is very much different to the reality the figures That MATTER speak to.   Do not for one moment be so naive as to think science can operate in a vacuum,  public science is no different to corporate science.  Fund the science and you control the science.  Control the scientific matters surrounding  public enterprise and its becoming increasingly  clear you control the perception of a public increasingly impressed with science.  You will be surprised to know therefore,  that 100% OF THE R&D GRANT FUNDING ON THIS ISSUE FROM GOVERNMENT FOR 20 YEARS HAS BEEN TO PROVE THAT GLOBAL WARMING IS MAN MADE.

NASA's best kept secret is interplanetary climate change,  and you would think solar activity would do that.  When all the planets in the solar system heat and cool at the same time,  tossing out the sun as a factor (in my mind the ONLY one)  is pure stupidity!

The more interesting question is why,  and that's when things get interesting.  Why have the oil Barons the Rockefeller clan divested from oil,  why all the paradoxes?  I"ve actually dealt with those issues and this is where the penny starts to drop,  because the information is very well hidden.




But what about all those statistics you Googled and all the good folk over at MSM giving us all those damning figures?  Well,  by now you probably realize,  those are not what they seem.  Welcome to the rabbit hole my friends: This is the story of lies,  half truths and misinformation in the era of the Algorithm which manufacturers nothing more than consent.

And that collusion can produce suspicious looking graphs like this: Anomalies.  Anomalies ARE NOT MEASUREMENTS,  THEY ARE PRODUCTS. 

There is a broader game afoot though,  here are steps to protect yourself:

Is every year the hottest on record?  What's the real situation here?  Let's go further down the rabbit hole, shatter cognitive dissonance and actually open our eyes for the first time,  let's take that red pill.

But don't fear,  things are changing,  just look at point number 2 on Weather Action,  the long range forecasters site 

Including this fantastic interview

Which brings us to the secret weapon.  The use of the word 'SUSTAINABILITY'.  The clip below points it out along with the difference between Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030

Here are some links that are starting to reflect a change in MSM thinking as the overwhelming evidence pours in:









Patrick Wood discusses what it all boils down to: The United Nations #AGENDA2030

Red Commie Russian hacker Apple Troll is Putins useful idiot

I almost took a bite of this.  Luckily YouTube had a Wikipedia link that had it tagged.  I think I'm going to pull through,  but I'm a little shaken.  #BlamePutin

Below is the defense of the Apple I found on YouTube.  Luckily I live in the free West where we have free speech,  so you don't have be mind-policed by me.  You're an adult,  you decide.

16 Mar 2018

The New Silk Road

China's belt and Road project is not just another infrastructure project,  it's the defining economic model of the 21st Century.  The choices are to embrace it or be left out.  Here is a Western documentary giving an idea of the scope.

12 Mar 2018

Climate Change, Banking & Big Oil

This documentary by James Corbett of Corbett Report,  the follow up to "How Big Oil Conquered the World" is the best I've ever seen at unpacking the globalist interests and history  behind our establishment and institutions.  Almost nobody talks about these things.  It expands on the issues I touched on in this post :


Here is a broadly cast post completely deconstructing and exposing how and why the lie that all warming and cooling is man-made was perpetuated.  It does so in a clear and easy to follow way:

Climate Change, Banks, Globalization & the 3rd World

In 1987, Edmund de Rothschild creates the World Conservation Bank which is designed to transfer debts from Third World countries to this bank, and in return, those countries would give land to this bank.
The idea is for the IMF to create more and more SDR’s backed by nothing, in order for struggling nations to borrow them.

"These nations will then gradually come under the control of the IMF as they struggle to pay the interest, and have to borrow more and more. The IMF will then decide which nations can borrow more and which will starve. They can also use this as leverage to take state owned assets like utilities as payment against the debt until they eventually own the nation states.

"1988: The World Central Bank has three arms, the World Bank, the BIS and the IMF. 2000: How the World bank and the IMF took over Argentina, Tanzania and Bolivia. Terrible reading.
The IMF is closely interwoven and here with Rothschild's BIS Bank, and the BIS, IMF and the World Bank have a common external website."
Alexander de Rothschild

David Rothschild,  Nigerian oil and The GEF:

Established in 1991, the GEF is today the largest funder of projects to improve the global environment.
The GEF has allocated $8.8 billion, supplemented by more than $38.7 billion in co-financing, for more than 2,400 projects in more than 165 developing countries.

The GEF partnership includes 10 agencies:
  1. The United Nations Development Program (David Rothschild consultant/Nigeria)
  2. The UN Environment Program (UNEP)
  3. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (A Rockefeller-partner organization)
  4. The UN Industrial Development Organization
  5. The African Development Bank
  6. The Asian Development Bank
  7. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  8. The Inter-American Development Bank (David Rothschild consultant)
  9. The International Fund for Agricultural Development

Here is a broadly cast post completely deconstructing and exposing how and why the lie that all warming and cooling is man-made was perpetuated.  It does so in a clear and easy to follow way:

Arch Globalists, The Conservation Bank & Globalist Climate Conferences

Israeli currency 500 Shekels banknote 1982 Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Bank of Israel 
The Globalist/Bankster connections that hijacked the Green Movement was a strategically brilliant series  of events going back to the 90's but the roots  go back much further than that.  I'll be addressing these connections in a series of posts over the next few months.

Before getting into this consider a look at the overview first:
Here is a broadly cast post I wrote completely deconstructing and exposing how and why the lie that all warming and cooling is man-made was perpetuated.  It does so in a clear and easy to follow way:

Some obscure history first.  The relevance will become apparent as this issue progresses, but this puzzle piece is needed early on despite how much changed from the original aspirations.  Don't poo-poo this as containing tired old conspiracy elements,  facts don't care about our feelings. 

 In 1987, the 4TH WORLD CONSERVATION SUMMIT was held to discuss the implementation of a World Conservation Bank using the WILDERNESS LANDS of the world as the supposed collateral. The sole purpose of this fraud was to save the wealth and power of the elite.  All funds were to be housed in the Royal Bank of Canada (that strategy was changed) .  Now as the globalist EU crumbles,  and NAFTA stalls,  historical events like the ending of the cold war forced several plans to abandoned and new strategies forced focus on sorting out the Middle East,  we all know that a plan to have multiple dictators over sovereign nations will probably never happen in currency and customs unions as soon as they hoped , but in the process they may well ruin everything known to the people of the world,  especially in the ME, continue with endless wars and waste the entirety of the green budget and all R&D Grant funding chasing CO² ghosts,  using the GLOBAL LIE that GLOBAL WARMING Is MAN MADE. 
Read more here on the least known aspect.  Just ignore the little religious overtones here or there on the embedded video if you watch it,  it's still.  Worthwhile because in reality sometimes Priests and  Rabbis can also be whistlblowers

Dont be fooled by Edmonde de Rothschild's naming of the Conservation Bank which they have since renamed,  they have full scope  to do as they please as usual.  http://www.edmond-de-rothschild.com/site/Luxembourg/en/private-


The above clip goes into detail on how the source data for most MSM and Google sources is doctored on a year by year basis.  Never use Google.

Continued here:

9 Mar 2018

Some more interesting open sourced thoughts on gravity relating to climate

Here are some thoughts from Alistair Riddick which really caught my eye.

These are thoughts casually written down on a forum,  so take the delivery into consideration there is Is some profound rationale here:

Nigel Best Think about this.

One thing holds air to the planet = gravity.
Without gravity there would be atmosphere.
Without gravity there would be no barometric pressure.
Barometric pressure fluctuations are the primary cause of could formation.
Barometric pressure is the ONLY source of pressure, and without pressure you have no heat.

So ask yourself. What do you know about gravity?

Ask yourself what does humanity, collectively know about gravity.

We THINK it is a "force". Like from Star Wars.

That magically makes things want to be together. BUT. That is a theoretical belief.

One other theory proposes it is an emergent phenomena and not a force at all.

Another theory suggests it is made by quantum loops.

Another theory suggests it is made by 1, 10, 11, and 12 dimensional vibrating quantum-scale strings.

Another theory suggests it is the result of "turbulence" within some theorized quantum foam.

The list of theories attempting to explain gravity, the most fundamental, primary, prerequisite understanding necessary to understand Earth's energy budget and resulting climate has over two dozen hypothesized candidate theories.

Every single theory is mathematically unique.

So again the question. "How well do you think humans understand the most important ingredient in understanding climate?"

(p.s. none of these are thought to actually be exactly correct).