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The Climate Change Hoax Hurts Green Activists Like You!

Last century green activists, or anyone who cares about the planet mostly cared about issues that actually affected planet earth insofar as human damage was concerned.  Plastic in the sea, pollution, species going extinct and commercial development over national heritage sites or sensitive ecosystems by large multinationals who placed profit above the environment.

The climate change movement is a political movement designed to help the globalist elite, it is not the green movement which is about protecting the planet.  We have seen the globalists Neocons hijack US foreign policy and the US constitution, the media, they hijacked Judaism with Zionism, they hijacked science and medicine with funding grants, R&D grants and profit centered models being linked to funding and there are many other examples, I wrote the following post as a guide against the disinformation
The worst offender in this political campaign is the IPCC and most of the propaganda usually is traceable to this source, but I will devote a post to them shortly in detail.

Since the last Ice Age the earth has been warming and cooling at various times. The variance is sometimes many degrees per year, sometimes only 1.6 degree per century like recently.  In the 14th to the 18th century the Thames was at times frozen over, it was known as the "Little Ice Age" and naturally we are warming out of it. Right now we are not at the warmest since the last ice age. The periods between Ice Ages are called Interglacials, this one we are currently in is called the holocene and the Holocene Maximum period between 6 and 9 thousand years ago was much warmer   The issue over whether man is causing the now slower increase than thousands of year ago is illogical, and the conclusion that man is causing all global-warming is therefore impossible.  Here the issue is debated and the true mischief of the establishments unscientific method is exposed.

The illusion of the "scientific" conclusions of weather phenomena is called into question below.

The issues of polluting and poisoning our planet destroys eco-systems, they are the issues that matter, but they have been swept under the rug and now the only legislation that matters revolves around climate change. As long as you have "greenwashed" your products you can continue selling and damaging the environment, and only the large Multinationals can afford to greenwash.  Nobody focuses on the separates anymore, it's all been made a "wash" into the climate change witch-hunt and the corporations have gone back to destroying the planet unchallenged. Mission accomplished by the think tanks!  We all lose and so do our children.

CO2 level is a fraction of what it used to be, CO2 stabilizes weather and is not pollution or poison, and the big businesses that pollute and poison have pulled a cunning switch and bait move.

The CO2 link is misrepresented in an unforgivable way

Watch out for the may release of this!
Trailer for Climate Hustle

Every aspect of the climate hustle broken down by category here, in brilliant and humerous video clips, well researched and well presented:

The UN and big oil are mobilizing to take over half the world, the oceans, funded by George Soros, The Carnegie Foundation and hedge fund billionaires , under the cover of the green movement., climate change and sustainable development.  This is a massive push and we need to be smarter to stop this globalization parading as environmentalism.

The UN and Big Oil unveil "Agenda 2030"

Comedians on the left like Bill Maher and science schills who are not experts in the field, like Bill Nye, now encourage intolerance to reasonable debate on a level of ignorance that rivals religious faith.  They have lied to you, the real experts do not agree and there is no consensus.
Al Gore was WRONG!

Interview with a REAL expert Jim Steele

It is not the science that sways public sentiment, it's the science that MAKES IT VIA THE MEDIA FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION, and we know who owns the media.  This includes the google search results so heavily leveraged in their algorithms to show search results listed on their acceptable sources list, which get more hits add to their hit count and it turn move them higher in a never-ending cycle designed to proliferate selected propaganda.

Polar Bear numbers are increasing, Antarctic Ice is increasing and Al Gore was just plain dead wrong about everything.   What does that mean, that we should become oil industry apologists? No, of course not, I am the biggest opponent of multinational globalization and the oil industry I know of in my entire social circle.  I do however, care about what is true, and greenwashing hurts what I care about, my planet.  Lets pull our heads out of our asses and start fighting for our planet again and stop being derailed by the NWO!

All the biggest globalists like the Rockerfellors, Unilever, the Rothschilds and Prince Charles are throwing their weight behind sustainable development by making the issue a "wash" of real issues mixed with globalization control strategies via the public sympathy that the green movement garners.

Truthstream media is a brilliant source to use to translate the stated goals of the UN's Agenda 2030 into the true goals for the Banksters:

The documentary below is outstanding and covers so much more than I have, I challenge anyone who sees it not to seriously reconsider their perspective.

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Full Movie)

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