About This Blog

The title of this blog is "Don't Be Silenced" because we cannot rely on mainstream media to bring any real issues to our attention.  The question asked "Do We Already Have The Solutions?" is more of a statement than a question.  The underlying philosophy is that wherever there is a problem there is a solution. Locate the special interest party who is standing in the way of the solution and THAT is your real problem, and that party is never reported on because it is they who own the media.

Get ready for the century of open source journalism because it is we the people who should determine what is important, not the ruling elite.  Help turn the sheep into the well-informed and I suspect very few people will make the same decisions and support the same politicians.

Here are some of my first ever posts which cover very little of the political and economic subjects I tend cover nowadays.  They deal more in the philosophy behind this blog and how I develop my method which has played a key role in the success I've had making calls on the outcome of global events.





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